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Founded with the goals of saving water resources and protecting the environment in the future, we at SteamJet Auto Detailing have explored the steam clean car wash market. SteamJet machines are well-recognized for its quality and performance throughout North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

We are committed to being the world’s best steam generator makers. As a company, SteamJet looks  to develop high-quality products to protect the earth’s precious water resources, improve the global environment and explore new markets.

All of this thought and technology is behind each and every machine we use and sell. We hope you too will become a part of this industry revolution!


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In addition to our premium auto detailing services, SteamJet Auto Detailing is the exclusive SteamJet distributor for Ontario.

For more information about our machines and models, please call us at 416-8STEAM1 or 1-855-AM-STEAM or email us at: info@steamjetautodetailing.com.