Let us introduce ourselves

SteamJet Auto Detailing - Your Premium Auto Detailing Service!

SteamJet is an environmentally friendly and powerful auto detailing system. Using as little as one litre of water, SteamJet can clean an entire vehicle. No more wasting water, no more sloppy water left over, and no more long drying times.

Jay Leno Endorses Steam Cleaning!

Roberto Alomar endorses SteamJet Auto Detailing!

Roberto Alomar endorses SteamJet Auto Detailing

Detailing Drake's Fleet!

Why SteamJet?

SteamJet uses the power of Steam to make your vehicle shine from bumper to bumper!

With one eco-friendly machine, we can steam and wax the exterior & steam clean the interior of your vehicle. 


Take a moment and let us demonstrate!

Is it safe?


Most definitely! Our steam machines are built and set to the optimal tempurature to ensure no damage is done to paint.

Our steam is approximately 80 - 90 degrees with various moisture settings. Car paint can withstand much higher tempuratures!

Additionally we have 8 safety sensors at various points on all of our machines to protect you and your vehicle.

What's the difference?

Compared to traditional car washes, SteamJet uses eco-friendly products, we use less than 1% of the water a hand wash uses!

We save you time and money by washing and waxing at the same time. That's right - our machines wash & wax your vehicle simultaneously. This feature is exclusive to SteamJet.You won't find the same value for your money anywhere else - let us prove it to you! Book an appointment today!