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The Gold Package

Time: 2 - 3 hours
Price: $155 (Car) - $175 (SUV, SUV cross overs, Mini Vans, Pick Ups, Trucks, 3rd Row Seating)
Recommendation: Once every three months

Our Gold Package includes an interior Steam clean for the perfect inside/outside combination. Usually the interior of any motor vehicle, whether it is cars, trucks, buses, or boats, require constant attention. Unfortunately 9 out of 10 times, it's the one area least maintained. With that in mind, we approach every interior with the intent of making it look, and smell like the day you bought it.


  1. All glass including side mirrors are cleaned and polished
  2. Tires are scrubbed and dressed with a silicone free dressing
  3. Rims are cleaned and polished to a shine
  4. Set of four carpet mats are removed and thoroughly brushed Vacuum then steamed clean.
  5. Carpets and trunk area thoroughly vacuumed then steamed clean
  6. Trunk and luggage compartment thoroughly vacuumed steamed clean
  7. The center console, dashboard, and door panels are all steamed down.
  8. An eco-friendly, UV protector  treatment is applied to all surfaces repelling further build up of dust and repelling it for longer periods of time
  9. Door jams cleaned and dressed
  10. Deodorized interior
  11. Quality control inspection before and after


The Platinum Signature

Time: 3 - 4 hours minimum
Price: $300(Car) - $350 (SUV, SUV cross overs, Mini Vans, Pick Ups, Trucks, 3rd Row Seating)
Recommendation: Three times per year

Our Platinum Package is the ultimate in interior cleaning for your vehicle. Taking the interior part of our Gold  package, The entire vehicle will be steam cleaned, we completely transform the interior. This is a fact, steam will dissolve dirt and soil, disinfect any surface, and kill bacteria and germs on contact. We turn your vehicles interior inside out, leaving nothing untouched. Because of the extensive cleaning and detailing level of this package, we ask that you allow us at least 3 to 4 hours for the completion of this job.


  1. The Gold package PLUS...
  2. Wax, polish and buff
  3. All car mats (carpet and rubber) are removed and thoroughly deep cleaned bringing back that plush carpet feeling
  4. Floor carpet and trunk receive identical treatment
  5. Stains removal
  6. Salt build up removal
  7. Pet Hair removal
  8. Air vents dusted & wiped
  9. Engine steam cleaned
  10. Removal of bugs, tar, and road film
  11. Removal of tree sap
  12. Engine steam cleaned
  13. Back seats removed for thorough cleaning underneath (WHEN POSSIBLE)


Create your OWN detail

Time: ??
Recommendation: ??

What would you like? Mix and match and choose the detailing options you want for your vehicle. Once you have chosen exactly what you need, we will then provide you with a quote for the service. There you go, a detailing package tailored to suit your needs!


Additional Services

Our Additional Services can be used as add-ons for any of our detailing packages. Prices will vary dependent on vehicle condition and will be quoted at time of service.

  1. Pet Hair removal - Starting at $40
  2. Engine Steam Cleaning - Quoted
  3. Odour removal - Quoted
  4. Spot & Stain removal - Starting at $10 (**note depending on severity of stain to be removed)
  5. Leather & Vinyl cleaning and protection - Starting at $45
  6. Rim & Wheel polishing - Quoted
  7. Sap removal - Starting at $25 - $35
  8. Salt build up removal - Starting at $30 - $50
  9. Roof lining - Starting at $20 - $30
  10. Additonal mat $5 each (Includes rubber or material mats)
  11. Seat belts $7 each
  12. Buff and polish - Quoted




***Prices will vary for larger vehicles.
***Prices may change without notice.
***Prices do not include taxes.
***Surcharges may apply depending on vehicle condition.


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